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Dear MendMeShop,

I am very pleased, especially with the inferno wrap. At first when I received it, I was wondering if it was going to really help, more than my heating pad. I can tell you today, my wrist has gotten so much better! I use the inferno wrap every evening in my down time before heading to bed, on the weekend did use it much more and believe that did help. I had severely stretched/pulled the tendons in my wrist, became very painful, going about the routines of life. I am so very happy with the purchase and am a big fan of the Mendmeshop, thanks for helping me to get my life back on the road to being somewhat normal! I do like the freezie wrap too, being able to put it on and leave it there but still move around. I will surely recommend your site to anyone I know in the future that injures themselves and wants to be on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Casey Brown


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Dear MendMeShop,

Dear "Aid My Tendon", I am so happy I found your company when I did an "achilles tendon" search on the internet. The kit has been a Godsend and I can use it in my own home and when it is convenient for me. So far it has given me amazing results. When it starts to flare up again (usually because I have worn the "wrong" shoes) I just go to work on it with the Inferno Wrap. Thanks for making these products available to the public. Yours truly, Glenna

Rating: Five Star Rating

Glenna Keoskie


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Dear MendMeShop,

I have been using the Leg/Arm Inferno Wrap for almost a week now and cannot believe how much the tendonitis in my arm has improved. It's a great product.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Ginny Shurtliff


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Dear MendMeShop,

I'm VERY happy with the elbow wraps--GREAT designs! My doctor told me that torn tendons can take months to heal; so, I'm not expecting overnight results. As a follow-up on the elbow wraps months later... They helped the tendons heal up nicely! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Keep up the good work!

Rating: Five Star Rating

Jenny Clark II


More Muscle Injury Facts:

One common cause of muscle aches and pain is fibromyalgia, a condition that includes tenderness in your muscles and surrounding soft tissue, sleep difficulties, fatigue, and headaches

Muscle pain may also be caused by certain drugs, including: ACE inhibitors for lowering blood pressure and statins for lowering cholesterol

Incomplete healing and re-injury can lead to a build up of scar tissue in the muscle causing further injury. BFST is a very effective treatment to aid in scar tissue breakdown of muscle tissue.

To heal as fast as possible:

  • Rest
  • Use a cold compression wrap to reduce pain, swelling.
  • Use BFST treatments to accelerate the body's natural healing.
  • Avoid pain killers
  • Once swelling is reduced and healing has begun, start stretching the injured joint after warming up with a BFST wrap.(stretching=good, straining=bad)

Typical characteristics of a muscle injury are bruising, weakness, muscle tightness and the inability to stretch the area


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Dear MendMeShop,

I purchased this product recently for my plantar fasciitis. I've been using it about a week, and it has helped a lot with the pain when I first get out of my bed in the morning. I previously tried something else, that was more like a sock, that pulled the toes, and that only caused pain. This [night splint] is very comfortable to wear, and I love how much I'm able to adjust it! I would recommend this to anyone!

Rating: Five Star Rating

Bonnie Barber


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Dear MendMeShop,

I constantly use the Leg Inferno Wrap for my thigh and hamstring walking/running. It's great for shin splints.... feels good when muscle gets hot. Really helped when I woke up one morning with a lower leg deep vein Thrombosis really bed with the combo of whey protein; herbs for inflammation; and wearing this I was able to start running again in three weeks and walk normally in 2 weeks. Constantly use every evening and feels good after; For anyone like me it's a great product.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Adam Sedzikowski


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Dear MendMeShop,

I ordered an Achilles/Ankle “Inferno Wrap” and a Back/Hip “Inferno Wrap” which arrived within 48 HOURS. These wonderful products produced remarkable results from their very first application! Day One: Initial Treatment @ 9:00 AM on the Low Setting for 20 minutes Second Treatment (same day) @ 12:00 NOON for 20 minutes Third Treatment (same day) @ 3:00 PM for 20 minutes Fourth Treatment (same day) @ BEDTIME for 20 minutes “Rinse & Repeat” every day now… My range of movement and the reduction of discomfort in my Achilles Tendons improved by at least 90% IMMEDIATELY. As for my chronic lower-back trouble that is the long-term result of a “minor exercising mishap” 45 years ago, which randomly flares up on a regular basis.. I am now enjoying Instant Relief thanks to the application of my Back Inferno Wrap whenever I experience any episode of neuro-muscular discomfort !!! I’ll keep you posted as time goes by, but I wanted to say right away, “THANK YOU so much for everything”!

Rating: Five Star Rating

Candi Campbell


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Dear MendMeShop,

I have owned the elbow Inferno Wrap for over a year now. I have had tennis elbow in both elbows for over 15 years. After any activity using either arm, both elbows ache...heavily. About 15 months ago, the tennis elbow got so bad in my left arm I had to finally go under the knife for torn tendons both in my elbow and my bicep. I could not even extend my arm while sleeping and the gym was a FAR fetched memory. The process from the first doctor's appointment to the actual operating table took about 4 months. I was also told the recovery would be about 3 months and not fully recovered from the tears for a full year. I was informed that no matter what I did, I would always have this inflammation in my elbow and I needed something to give. Either my activity level, including the gym, would have to be cut down drastically, or I had to find a way to get the inflammation down. I am allergic to all anti-inflammatories and NSAIDS. This is where my researched turned up the Inferno Wrap. As you can imagine, I have tried all sorts of heating pads, cooling pads, ice therapy, and months of physical therapy. I believe I even found the Mend Me Shop and the Inferno Wrap while looking for something along the heating and cooling pad line. My immediate thought was why are these so expensive? What makes them so special? I have to say that initially, I took a chance because I had no other option for relief. The day the Inferno Wrap arrived, I knew I had something I had not had access to before. You can tell IMMEDIATELY tell after turning this on that is is working DEEP into the tissue. The wrap does get warm, but in NO WAY is this a heating pad. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT PROVIDED AND CONTINUES TO PROVIDE ME RELIEF. I have not dialed down my activity level. When my elbows ache, the Inferno Wrap goes on, and within one 20 minute treatment, the ache is gone. Believe me when I say I have been looking for this for 15 years steady. I have since recommended to EVERYONE I know the Inferno Wrap, and have purchased one for my back, which works just as well, as expected. This is a product that works. This is a product that is backed by good customer service. This is a product that is worth EVERY PENNY. Knowing what I know now, buying the Inferno Wrap was no chance, but a miracle and nothing less.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Matthew Cohen


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Dear MendMeShop,

I was in an auto accident and my knee impacted the front interior panel. I came home and could barely walk. So I used the Inferno Wrap several times over several days and it helped the problems with my knee. The doctor was amazed.

Rating: Five Star Rating

G Burton


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Dear MendMeShop,

So far, so good! I've used the shoulder treatment 4x a day for a week now and seen a marked improvement in my shoulder with both flex ability and pain relief. P.S. As a follow up one week after the initial comments... Indeed, after a couple weeks of use, the pain totally subsided. Thanks!!!

Rating: Five Star Rating

Roger Hall


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

I am a retired Orthopedic Surgical Registered Nurse First Asst and I just want to say this Shoulder Inferno Wrap is wonderful. I have had adhesive capsulitis in my left shoulder several times. I am 67yo now and I have Arthritis, Lupus and fibromyalgia and I had bilat knee replacements in 2001. It has always taken about 6months to get back use of my arm and to get relief from pain. I read your information and was expecting it to take at least 6weeks to see an improvement. I have used it this short time since receiving it and I am almost painfree. Occasionally I start to feel a little ache and I put it back on before it becomes pain I have full range of motion when I could not brush my hair or fasten my bra. Again, I am so pleased and hope it helps others too. Jane P.S. I would like to encourage others to try the products and see if they get the same remarkable results as I did. I continue to improve with full ROM remaining and only occasional episodes of pain; As soon as I feel any pain, I use it 2-3 days in a row and the pain is gone. This is probably Arthritis as it feels different.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Jean Jones


Running Hip Injury Specialists are Friendly and Helpful.

The Final Step Needed to Treat Muscle Injuries

Stretch your muscles to boost healing.

It's now possible to boost your healing by stretching your muscle injury at home. Stretching is the final step needed when healing your muscle injury (sprain, strain, pull, spasm) with conservative treatment methods.

Your body is capable of healing itself - and natural healing will happen even faster by using consistent conservative treatment with a Therapeutic Cold Compression Freezie Wrap®, Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy Inferno Wrap® and Passive Muscle Stretching / Strengthening with a Knee-Flex®.

Knee-Flex® = a Passive Muscle Stretching Device Used in Hundreds of PT Clinics and Hospitals in Canada

This Same Device is Now Available for Use at Home

Knee - Flex Therapy Usage

This seemingly simple device has helped thousands of patients recover from various deep tissue, muscle injuries. Physical therapists use the Knee-Flex® to help their patients make a fast and full recovery.

The Knee-Flex® Passive Muscle Stretching Device helps with:

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation (ie. arthroscopic or open muscle repair surgery).
  • Recovery from a serious muscle sprain, strain, pull or spasm to the hamstring, quadriceps, calf, shin, thigh, hip and groin.
  • Increasing flexibility after suffering from a pulled hamstring muscle.
  • Stretching out scar tissue from a calf muscle (gastrocnemius) strain (or 'tennis leg').
  • Decreasing stiffness from shin splints and lower leg pain.
  • Getting rid of quadricep (thigh) muscle tightness.

Stretch with a Knee-Flex® to prevent re-injury - regular stretching maintains flexibility of the tissue as it ages.


Doctors and physical therapists recommend stretching to prevent and recover from deep tissue muscle injuries.

For many people, stretching seems like such a basic thing... They wonder how stretching can really help a muscle injury. You would be surprised by how many people there are that don't understand the importance of stretching a deep tissue muscle injury.

Before returning to full activity after a muscle injury, physical therapists prescribe gentle stretching of the affected muscle group (and any surrounding muscles that will lend much-needed support to your injured area). They don't prescribe this to annoy you - it's the most important part of muscle recovery. You probably know of someone that chose not to do these stretches as it's common - and they paid a high price for it.

By not listening to the therapist (i.e. not stretching), there is a huge chance of re-injuring your muscle. You might even get injured worse than your original muscle sprain, strain, pull or spasm was.

It may seem hard to believe but it's true - Stretching is the secret of healing any muscle injury. Consistent stretching is one of the only solutions to break up scar tissue that forms on your muscle as it heals.

Stretching with ColdCure Technology® and BFST® is even better!

If you want to be proactive about properly addressing your muscle injury speak to your doctor about adding to your treatment with AidMyMuscle's system utilizing the Knee-Flex®, Inferno Wrap® and Freezie Wrap®.

The AidMyMuscle therapeutic at-home healing system gives you:

Our Knee-Flex Passive Muscle Strething Device will increase flexibility of your healing tissue and help to break up scar tissue that forms on your muscle.
  • Products that are approved by the FDA for use in the hospital or at home.
  • A 3-Step Treatment Formula used by physical therapists and doctors - with an Inferno Wrap® used to increase blood flow circulation before stretching, a Knee-Flex® to stretch out your muscle and a Freezie Wrap® to 'cool down' & relieve post-stretching pain / swelling.
  • Inferno Wraps® with deeply penetrating Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy right into your deep muscle tissue where you need treatment most (unlike other methods that just heat your skin - like hot water bottles, hot baths, etc.)
  • Cold compression Freezie Wraps® that relieve pain, inflammation and swelling fast with consistent cold temperatures that WON'T reach temperatures so low that it causes cryoburn (like ice or blue gel packs full of anti-freeze and chemicals).
  • Food-grade, non-toxic gel packs that can be chilled in the fridge or freezer.
  • Medical-grade, soft, plush, neoprene wraps that meet ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing - providing the safest product for cold compression and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy treatment.
  • Controlled, comfortable, passive movement and stretching with the Knee-Flex® - producing the exact same, safe, stretch every time!

Wondering How to Treat Your Muscle Pain?
We Have Answerts that can Help...

The goal of this webpage is to give people hope that there are medically proven conservative treatments available for muscle pain. There is a lot of conflicting information posted online and we make it a priority to seperate the fact from fiction.

We're available to take your call 7 days a week - Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 9:00pm (EST) plus Saturday & Sunday between 11:00am and 6:00pm (EST).

We can offer many suggestions that could personally help you - right from the comfort of your own home. If you would like to discuss options with one of our trained AidMyMuscle Advisers, we welcome you to call our office toll-free at 1-866-237-9608, or Internationally at +1-705-445-3505.

There is no cost or obligation to this service.

We all want to begin healing as quickly as possible and with the right information, it can happen sooner than you think (it has for thousands of others who took the time to contact us).

You can be assured we will do our best to answer any question or concern you have. Living with muscle pain is never easy and we can help to provide answers about prevention, causes, treatment options, and ways to manage your injury for the short and long term.

All it takes is one call - 1-866-237-9608


Stretching = The Best Way to Deal with Scar Tissue

Scar tissue will grow in to protect your injured muscle, but the scar tissue will attach to everything resulting in a hard fusing together of tendon tissue - reducing mobility.

Even when you're injured and in pain you need to keep moving to break up scar tissue that's forming in your muscle. Regular movement can increase healthy range of motion (ROM) of your muscle, resulting in a speedier recovery process and return to regular activities. Moving when you're injured is hard. Since moving while injured can be painful - most people think it's better to stop moving, rest their body and hope that their muscle strain will heal all on its' own. Even though rest is important to recovery too much rest during the recovery process will increase the amount of scar tissue on your muscle.

During the healing process your body will fill in tears in your muscle with dense, brittle tissue called "scar tissue". The human body will use scar tissue as a temporary solution and will try to build the scar tissue as fast as possible to heal a tear. Scar tissue can form fast to bring together the edges of a tear, but working fast doesn't mean that the job's done right. When scar tissue forms it doesn't come together as neatly as regular (healthy) muscle tissue would. Scar tissue fibers will lay down over top of your tear in a cluttered, messy and jumbled up way.

Imagine throwing a bunch of drinking straws in the air... Those straws will land in a random, unorganized way. It seems silly to think that those straws could land perfectly straight and all in the same direction.

This is how scar tissue works. The scar tissue that forms on your muscle will be unorganized and won't line up properly with the healthy tissue surrounding the tear. This scar tissue will also attach to everything in and around your muscle including the surrounding healthy tissue as well. This can result in a long-term fusing together of your muscle that stiffens up your tissue, reducing your mobility and making your injury even more painful!

Scar tissue builds on the muscle as the tears heal. The build up causes pain and inflexibility making your muscle more prone to further injury.

This is why scar tissue is weak and only a temporary solution to heal your pulled / strained muscle. Scar tissue is something that needs to be dealt with fast. If you try to get back into your regular daily activities with a mound of scar tissue on your muscle you'll have a higher risk of re-injury. Scar tissue is just not built to withstand the pressures of regular activity.

If you have an injured muscle with a lot of scar tissue and re-injure that tissue, even more scar tissue will grow to fill in those tears. If you keep falling into the dangerous cycle of re-injuring your muscle without proper treatment you could end up with massive amounts of scar tissue. Your ability to move your affected muscle in a normal way will be impaired as the amount of scar tissue increases.

The only solution to truly repair your pulled muscle for good is to break up scar tissue and avoid re-injury.


This can easily be achieved with regular use of the Knee-Flex®. This device provides a sturdy hardwood track with an easy gliding motion giving you the same stretch everytime. Your movement is controlled reducing your risk of re-injury. The result is a consistent stretch that helps to break down your scar tissue and improve flexibility in your muscle.

Use the Knee-Flex® to Bring Your Deep Tissue Muscle Stretching & Rehabilitation
to a Whole New Level!

It's very common for a physical therapist to combine conservative treatments and stretching techniques to help you heal your strained muscle. They'll also probably give you advice to continue specific stretches at home, everyday, to increase your rate of recovery. If no device is available to allow for consistent stretching of your muscle at home the physical therapist will usually prescribe something called "heel slides".

Heel slide movement without a device like the Knee-Flex often results in uncontrolled, inconsistent movement that could lead to further injury of your muscle.

A "heel slide" is a full flex and extension of your lower leg. Heel slides can be performed in a seated or laying down position. To start this movement you first need to slide your heel in toward your body, then you slide it right back out away from your body.

Heel slides (full heel to hip movement) is nothing new... Common stretching practices like Pilates, Yoga and other fitness techniques all encourage heel to hip movement to firm, tone and condition the muscles and soft tissue in your lower leg, thigh and hamstring. This movement is also used to increase alignment of your leg from your heel to your hip and improve your lower body balance. A lot of muscle, tendon and ligament groups are involved in this stretch - like your hip (hip flexors), hamstring muscle, quadriceps muscle, your groin, all of the tendons and ligaments in your knee, your calf muscles, your shins, and your ankles. This is why heel slides are considered to be a foundation stretch for ALL of your leg muscles.

When physical therapists perform heel to hip stretching they'll manually flex and extend your leg for you until you have enough strength to do it on your own.

You'll slowly get the hang of this movement in physical therapy and your therapist will recommend that you continue a set of heel slide stretches several times each day in your own home.

Physical therapists will manually manipulate your leg to perform assisted heel slides while massaging different areas of your leg.

When trying to do this stretch on your own your physical therapist might encourage you to use household tools to assist in your stretch.

They may suggest you use:

  1. a plastic bag,
  2. cookie sheet,
  3. a tension band,
  4. a belt,
  5. or some other tool to help you slide your heel away from your body.
The Knee-Flex provides easy, consistent heel slide stretching and is exclusively offered by

They recommend these tools to help you get consistent stretching and assistance during your stretching routine. The problem with this is that using a plastic bag or cookie sheet during this stretch can be unsafe, with little to no control over your lower leg... Potentially resulting in an even worse injury!

This is where the Knee-Flex® comes in! The Knee-Flex® provides safe, consistent, controlled leg movement on a sturdy, hardwood track. This makes sure that your heel slides are the same every time!

Your stretch won't vary or change as you attempt a higher number of repititions, experience set-backs from re-injury, or lose control over unsafe household tools.

What if You've Never Gone to a Physical Therapist?

Knee-Flex is used throughout Canadian physical therapy clinics and hospitals.

The idea behind the Knee-Flex® is exactly the same. If you're someone who hasn't had the chance to see a physical therapist you might think that stretching is hard to do without guidance from a medical professional.

In some ways you're right - Without the direct guidance of a physical therapist it's easy to make mistakes when stretching at home. You may have even attempted some stretching you saw in a pamphlet/brochure in a doctor's office, or searched online for muscle stretching techniques. If you try this on your own there is always a risk of re-injuring your muscle.

You can get the same positive results of stretching in physical therapy appointments by using a Knee-Flex® in the comfort of your own home.


Knee-Flex® = Trusted Equipment Used by
Physical Therapists

This device is used by many medical professionals, they rely on the sturdy, sleek design to help their patients achieve improvements in mobility.

Knee-Flex® was created to allow the heel to slide smoothly in a controlled environment, minimizing the chance of reinjury and additional pain. Physical Therapists encounter the same issues every day when attempting to work with people who are undergoing therapy from a serious muscle injury. This is why most therapists in Canada instantly purchased these same devices for their own clinics and have been ordering this device for 10 years!

If you're recovering from serious pain, it allows a more controlled and comfortable method to stretch and strengthen your muscles . The sliding mechanism is extremely smooth and durable, as well as linear (perfectly straight) - this is something that becomes very important when sliding your leg in and out.

The Knee-Flex is an FDA registered device, under facility number 30006334471 and product listing number D150272

The Knee-Flex® is an FDA Registered Medical Device and is suitable for repetitive, industrial usage in hospitals and therapeutic clinics. This device is deemed safe to use without medical assistance and as such is also available for use at home.

Why is it called the 'Knee-Flex®'?

Passive stretching with a Knee-Flex device will help to break up scar tissue.

Well because it does just that, it provides you a sliding, sturdy track to flex your knee and all of the muscles, ligaments and tendons that help to move your leg.

It's a total leg stretching system that only requires you to flex your knee.

This seemingly simple device has assisted in the recovery of thousands of people that have suffered various injuries. Once you are on the path to healing, this device assists you in making a fast and full recovery.

The Knee-Flex® assists you in complete lower-body muscle injury recovery for:

  • Hamstring muscle pulls / pulled hamstring muscle - Over-stretching or over-exerction of your hamstring muscle can be treated with a quick Knee-Flex® warm-up before activity.
  • Calf muscle strain (gastrocnemius muscle pain) - Reduce tightness in your calf muscle (from lunging or pushing off with your leg).
  • Shin splints (posteromedial / anterolateral shin splints) - Reduce the shooting pain from your knee to your ankle with regular stretching.
  • Thigh muscle / quadriceps muscle strain - Ease the radiating pain on the front of your thigh (from your hip to knee) and stiffness / decreased range of motion.
  • Hip muscle pain / groin pulls - Get rid of your sharp inner thigh pain, tightness, tenderness or muscle spasms.
Our Knee-Flex Passive Muscle Strething Device will increase flexibility of your healing tissue and help to break up scar tissue that forms on your muscle.

After using the Knee-Flex® over-time, your muscle will be better prepared to handle higher and higher loads. Eventually you'll reach a stage where your muscle can handle standing for longer and longer periods of time. This is the final stage of recovery, depending on your age, the nature of your injury, your weight and many other factors, it can take the longest time to complete.

But remember, when it comes to deep tissue muscle injuries - it pays to be patient! Rushing your injury recovery almost never pays.

Stretching your Muscle with a Knee-Flex® is
even more powerful when combined with:

  • A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Inferno Wrap® to increase elasticity of tissue and stimulate blood flow in the injured muscle before stretching.
  • A Professional Cold Compression Freezie Wrap® to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected muscle after stretching.

There is a Unique Formula used for Recovery from Muscle Pain...

We're going to let you in on a key piece of information... In every physical therapy appointment your physical therapist will use conservative treatments, massage, manual manipulation and/or stretching exercises to give you this Professional 3-Step Treatment Formula:

Step 1 - Warm Up Your Muscle

Physical therapists will warm up your muscle by performing deep tissue massage.

For this 1st step many physical therapists will use heat, manual manipulation, deep tissue massage, clinical ultrasound devices or a warm bath to warm up your muscle. The goal during this first step is to increase healthy blood flow circulation and relax your affected muscle.

'Warming up' your muscle will increase the elastic-nature of your muscle fibers making it much easier to stretch and when needed, hold the stretch. This will also extend the amount that you will be able to stretch your muscle.

Increase Your Blood Flow Circulation at Home

The Perfect BFST Leg Wrap

Use an Inferno Wrap® for 15 to 20 minutes at least half an hour before stretching your muscle. An Inferno Wrap® will promote Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®) - a therapy that will increase the blood flow to your muscle while warming up and relaxing your injured tissue. BFST® will make your muscle fibers more elastic and pliable, allowing for more ease of movement when you're stretching and/or exercising.

Continued treatment with BFST® will also deliver much-needed oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and energy to your muscle. This will boost your own natural healing ability and speed up your time for recovery.

Step 2 - Stretch Your Muscle

After your muscle is warmed up your physical therapist will guide you through stretches to improve mobility.

The main goal of physical therapy is to exercise (stretch out) the affected muscle to improve flexibility and range of motion. After the physical therapist has warmed up your muscle, they'll get you to do a series of exercises that are focused on stretching out your muscle.

This exercise may include heel slides that are focused on moving your quadriceps, groin, hip, hamstring, calf and shin.

Sometimes cardiovascular exercise, like using a stationary bike or treadmill, will be recommended under the supervision of your physical therapist.

Improve Your Muscle's Range of Motion at Home

The Knee-Flex® can be used to perform consistent stretching that's beneficial to all of the muscle groups in your leg. Start off with 10 repititions of the Knee-Flex® stretch at least once everyday. Increase your repititions as the movement becomes more fluid and natural for you.

Amazing Muscle Stretching with Knee-Flex

You can easily modify these stretches to further work out specific muscle groups in your leg by turning your foot in toward your other leg (point your toe in) when sliding your leg out away from your body, then turning your foot out away from your body (point your toe out to the side) when sliding your leg in toward your hips/lower back.

Another subtle change to this movement is pointing your toe forward when sliding your heel out, away from your body. You can then flex your foot up (pointing your toe to the cieling) when flexing your knee and bringing your heel back toward your body.

These small changes in movement will boost the amount of work all of the muscles in your legs are doing while using the Knee-Flex®.

Step 3 - Cool Down Your Muscle

Toward the end of your appointment your physical therapist may introduce cold compression, acupuncture, or TENS to relax your muscle after the intense stretching and exercise.

Relieve Your Muscle Pain & Swelling at Home

Sprained Muscle Cold Compression Treatment

Use a Freezie Wrap® after using your Knee-Flex®, stretching / exercising your muscle, or whenever you feel deep tissue muscle pain. The Freezie Wrap® will relieve any on-going pain and swelling while preventing full-blown inflammation from returning after your stretching.

Start with a 20 minute treatment directly after activity and apply more cold compression whenever you need to relieve pain and inflammation in your muscle.

Each Freezie Wrap® has non-migrating RigiGel® that keeps the cold over your muscle where it's needed most. With 3 extra large gel packs you also have the ability to swap out gel packs to extend your post-stretch cool down however long you need it.

Get Even More Healing Potential
from Your Knee-Flex®

Regular stretching with a Knee-Flex® will also give you:

  • Chronic Muscle Pain Recovery & Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Our Knee-Flex Passive Muscle Strething Device will increase flexibility of your healing tissue and help to break up scar tissue that forms on your muscle.

After you've injured / pulled / strained / sprained your muscle massive amounts of scar tissue will grow all around the micro-tears in your muscle to provide a "temporary fix" and increase stability of your muscle. Scar tissue will constantly grow when you're suffering from a chronic muscle injury and even when you're recovering from open or arthroscopic surgery.

Scar tissue causing your muscle fibers to stiffen up over time. This is why your muscle will feel less and less flexible and where your tightness will come from.

The only solution to get rid of scar tissue and promote growth of healthy, flexible tissue is repeated motion through exercise. The Knee-Flex® will provide natural, fluid, passive stretches that will stretch out the scar tissue increasing the flexibility of your muscle and improving overall range of motion (ROM).

  • You get the Same Benefits Available with any Orthopaedic & Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Program

You'll find that regular lower leg stretching and conservative treatment with any rehabilitation plan will help to:

  • build muscle strength in your hip, thigh, quadriceps, hamstring, calf and shins
  • increase mobility and range of motion (ROM)
  • speed overall healing
  • prevent muscle loss (atrophy)
  • improve muscular function and capability
  • refine muscle fiber tissue alignment and physical balance
  • encourage overall muscle deep tissue flexibility
  • provide a proper warm up for regular exercise
  • promote healthy circulation in your muscle

Using Your Knee-Flex® - Helpful Tips & Tricks

knee flex sitting position

The Knee-Flex® will become an invaluable tool in your recovery. When used correctly, this device can strengthen and stretch four different muscle groups and stimulate blood flow in your soft tissue for a speedier recovery.

Speak to your doctor and/or physical therapist about using the Knee-Flex® device for your rehab exercise. Here are a few things to consider when you start using it:

  • On the 1st session, loop a belt or bathrobe around your foot to assist your efforts. Once you find this is not needed then stop using the loop.
  • Don't worry if you're unable to perform a full stretch when first using this device. Do whatever stretch you can and this machine will assist in increasing your range of motion over the long run.
  • Our Knee-Flex Passive Muscle Strething Device will increase flexibility of your healing tissue and help to break up scar tissue that forms on your muscle.
  • Set up the machine in a stable area free from obstruction. Most of our users find a pillow is very helpful as well for sitting/lying on.
  • Always use the machine slowly and in a controlled manner. Quick, jerky movements are not helpful and will only cause added problems.
  • When placing your heel on and off the machine, use your arms to lift your leg. This will keep the stress off of your injured muscle.
  • Always follow the instruction manual provided with your Knee-Flex®.
  • Phone an AidMyMuscle Adviser toll-free at 1-866-237-9608, if you have any questions about stretching with your Knee-Flex® or how to incorporate other therapies into your stretching routine.

When used properly, the Knee-Flex® has a proven track record of assisting in the speedy recovery of many people suffering from pulled muscles, on-going muscle pain and strained muscles. The Knee-Flex® is without a doubt, the 3rd and final essential tool for complete recovery. Once you deal with the swelling and inflammation through use of the Freezie Wrap® then begin the BFST® process through the use of the Inferno Wrap® - it's time to take the 3rd and final step in recovery by beginning a rehabilitation stretching regimen. The safest and most effective way we know to stretch all of the muscles in your leg is through use of the Knee-Flex®

For more information on the Knee-Flex®, Freezie Wrap®, Inferno Wrap® or inquiries about your specific condition, call our AidMyMuscle Customer Service Team. AidMyMuscle customer service agents are highly trained individuals and will help find the treatment that's right for YOU. Why wait? Call today and get on the road to recovery faster than ever before! Wants to Keep You Informed!

The goal of this webpage is to give people hope that there are medically proven, alternative treatments available for muscle injuries (pull, strain, sprain or chronic pain). There is a lot of conflicting information posted online and we make it a priority to seperate the fact from the fiction.

We are more than happy to help you

After reviewing our information, you're welcome to call our office toll free at 1-866-237-9608 to speak with a trained AidMyMuscle Adviser - someone who can answer those lingering questions you have about your condition - at no cost or obligation.

We all want to begin healing as quickly as possible and with the right information, it can happen sooner than you think (as it has for thousands of others who took the time to contact us).

You can be assured we will do our best to answer any question or concern you have. In providing this service for over 7 years, we're quite proud of the track record we've built up over that time.

Call us toll free - 1-866-237-9608


Advisers are available on weekdays from 8:00am to 11:00pm and on weekends from 11:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Learn More About SUPERIOR Muscle Pain Treatments

Learn more about the The Cold Compression Freezie Wrap®

Learn more about the BFST Inferno Wrap®


Muscle Injury Facts:

There are approximately 639 muscles in the human body

Muscle aches and pains are common and can involve more than one muscle

Muscle pain also can involve ligaments, tendons, and fascia, the soft tissues that connect muscles, bones, and organs

Oral medications can mask the pain but do not aid in the healing of a muscle injury. Anti-inflammatories and pain killers can cause muscle related injuries to worsen

Muscle pain also can be a sign of conditions affecting your whole body, like some infections and disorders that affect connective tissues throughout the body

Most common cause of muscle aches & pains:

  • Injury or trauma including sprains and strains
  • Overuse: using a muscle too much, too soon, too often
  • Tension or stress


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

I wanted to write and extend my thanks for having such a great product! I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for over two years. My Podiatrist had given me all the Steroid shots he was willing to do and said that surgery was the only option left. After just 7 days of treatment with your products, the swelling is almost all gone. The intense pain has subsided substantially. I can already go most of a whole day without even thinking about (or feeling) the intense pain. I'm keeping up the therapy and have a lot of confidence that in a month or two, I can resume my life as usual again! Thanks again!! A very satisfied customer, Dave Stanfield Texas USA

Rating: Five Star Rating



To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

Dear Mend Me Shop, I was suffering from the beginning stage of plantar fasciitis and the freezie ice compression and the inferno wrap were a great help to me! The pain and inflammation is gone and if it creeps back up, I use the products for about 30 min each and it takes care of it! I have already recommended it to family members that also have plantar fasciitis. Sincerely, Lara

Rating: Five Star Rating

Lara Lenard


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

I am most satisfied with the products that I purchased. It is clearly high quality and I am positive it will heal my knee in the long run. I am really looking forward to getting my knee sorted out permanently. I did have a knee operation about two years ago but there were no time to give it a decent recovery time. Unfortunately as a mechanic working on the power plant here in Salerno, we work on gravel surfaces 24/7 for 85 days before returning home for a 3 week vacation. At the age of 53 it becomes real stress full and I also had to put away my running shoes, which was also a blow to me. I am very confident that your products will get me back on the road again and I would love to do the Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa for the third time.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Christoffel Johannes Smit


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

Dear Paul, Thank you so much for your Courtesy email. I have used the wraps, alternating the treatments as your information advised. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. For over a month, I could not get up out of my chair without assistance and I thought my knee was never going to heal. I have used them for 9 full days and I am able to get up by myself. I have never had any problem like this before and I have a new appreciation for the disabled. This treatment has been unbelievably successful for me and I have told everyone I know about this product. It has been like going from night to day....I am at least 85% better. Thank you again for these most wonderful products. I having been thanking my wonderful God and Savior of this universe for you people. I hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless you personally and prosper your company abundantly!! Rebecca

Rating: Five Star Rating

Rebecca Geoffrion


Specialized Hip Bursitis Treatment Options

To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

Hello April, thank you for your follow up email. I recently purchased the inferno wrap July 5th 2012 and I am using it diligently, I have seen positive results already in just a few weeks. I no longer need to walk with a cane. I would like to thank MendMeShop ever so much for giving back me my life. I will continue to use the inferno wrap and I have spread the good word to all my friends on how MendMeShop product has helped me. Thank you again, Olga

Rating: Five Star Rating

Olga Cesario


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with my wrist wrap. I broke my leg, the tibia and fibula January 10, 2013. I had a lot of soft tissue damage to my foot since I fell off a pier and landed on gravel with my foot. My tendons are so tight and at night they wake me up a lot, had a metatarsal lump on the bottom of my foot which gave me issues. I was going to order the foot pad but the lady advised me to get the wrist wrap since the top of my foot was involved and she said I could probably wrap it around different places and she was so right. I am much better. I have been using it about a month now and I can tell you that I am much better. The energy from the wrap helps my tendons to stretch out and although I am not 100%, I have gone from 50% to 75% in this one month. I only wish I had found you earlier in my ordeal and I would probably be 100% by now. I would recommend your product to anyone who is having tendon issues after an injury. Thank you so much

Rating: Five Star Rating

B Beard


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

I'm sorry I missed your call to tell you how pleased I am with the [inferno] wrap. I've only had it six days and there is some improvement already. I sprained a ligament in both knees a month ago doing aerobics, and was beginning to feel I would never heal. The thermal wrap is just wonderful. I will certainly recommend it to anyone I know that needs such treatment. My husband will be eternally grateful for your product - he has to do the daily vacuuming from our exotic birds and our 3 dogs. Thank you for your phone call and offer of assistance.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Patricia Davidson


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

The Freezie Wrap for the shoulder is miles above using regular ice bags. Shoulder injuries are a tough nut and take weeks if not months to heal. The wrap has already been money well spent.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Suzanne Hamby


To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call toll-free at 1-866-237-9608.

Dear MendMeShop,

I spent 7 years in the gym walking one hour and working out. I lost 85 pounds in about 2 years with a lot of hard work and dedication. After I left the gym in 2008 due to it closing I started having problems about a year later. I recently had surgery on my left shoulder on Jan 4th of this year to shave down the bone to leave enough space for my shoulder joint to work. It seemed to be healing slowly, until I probably reinjured it trying to cut down a small tree. I went back to my Orthopedic Surgeon for my follow up and had to have a cortizone shot in June so I could be painfree while on a long awaited vacation. The shot lasted until September and had another shot October 26 with a warning from the Dr that if I couldn't get any better through therapy by Jan 6 2011 I would have to have the full surgery with my tendons and muscles sewn up to the top of my Rotator Cuff. I told him I don't want to go through the pain again, since I can't take pain medication due to my daily med I have to take for PTSD and can't take them both at the same time. So I did some research for the last 2 months and kept coming up with the MendMeShop Left Shoulder Inferno Wrap. I printed all the material and showed it to my OS and he said to try it if I think it will help me. I received it in 2 days last Friday and was out of town overnight.So I didn't get to try it until Saturday night. I tried it wrapped over a sweater with a thermal shirt underneath and the heat went right through and felt like I was at the physical therapist. The next day I did a few 60 minute sessions and I could feel my muscles ache a little bit, but NO PAIN praise God !!! I was buying a large tube of Extra Strength Muscle Rub with 16 % Menthol once a week to bear the pain along with 800 ML of Ibuprofen.Today is Thursday and I haven't had to put any rub on my shoulder since coming home Saturday night. This Inferno Wrap is incredible and is worth every penny. I am on Disability so I can't afford to waste a penny, but this purchase is becoming a lifesaver for me. Sometimes I just unplug from the charger, tuck the little 8 inch connector, then I tighten the wrap to make it a compression support and the heat stays in it for hours and allows me to be able to function a lot less painful since I am left handed also. If I could give it a 10 star rating instead of a 5 star I would. I will keep you all up to date a few times a week as I progress, along with any replies I might receive. Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:51 pm

Rating: Five Star Rating

Rajendra Singh


This universal leg wrap can increase healing rate of a shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring

Freezie Leg wrap for cold compression of the shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring

Inferno Wrap Elbow for tennis elbow, epicondylitis, elbow strains and elbow sprain

Freezie Wrap Elbow for tennis elbow, epicondylitis, and elbow sprain to prevent surgery

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno Back wrap for the ultimate in sore back healing

Freeze Wrap Back - reduce back pain and swelling in sore, strained or overused muscles, especially in the lower back and trapezius muscles

Inferno Wrap Shoulder - an advanced treatment for shoulder injury and rotator cuff injury

Ceanix Professional Back Therapy Vest - efficient relief of swelling and pain from rotator, upper back or mid back injury

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